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I’m Erin and I believe in the importance of inner development to living our fullest lives and being influential leaders. Integrating mind and body, I assist people to reconnect with their essential nature of clarity and well-being, build confidence and resilience, and maximize their ability to thrive while doing life-changing work.


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  • "Erin is a multi-talented and accomplished life coach. I've been very impressed with the way she blends her coaching techniques with mindfulness in order to help discover authenticity and to support successful goal achievement."

    Yosanta Rajapakse M.D
  • Insightful, Effective, Elegant. Erin is the most effective Life Coach I have ever worked with. She is artful in how she guided me toward awareness with my blind spots, she was intuitive about the layers of my experience, and she was highly effective in helping me transform emotional stress into productive energy. I found her broad perspective and full range of experience in coaching brought the right combination of tools to help me. I am a huge fan of her work.

    Kaileen Sherk, Personal Growth Specialist
  • Working with Erin has given me the opportunity to get to know myself better, the tools to develop professionally, and the courage to trust myself to make some tough but necessary life changing decisions. I am now creating more honest and open relationships with clients allowing me to better relate to their needs and create lasting changes in their lives.

    Zeke Cabell, Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Erin is more than a coach. She is an inspiration on how to live life and it is contagious. Through our coaching sessions, I jump started a whole new world for myself. Within 1 year, I founded a very successful company and have connected with a wonderful partner. I constantly feel the need to recommend Erin. She is a guiding light in helping one create their own success!

    Brianna Waldman, Director of Operations, FullStop Events Ltd.
  • My experience with retreats was transformational for me. Erin created an environment of safety for introspection/self-assessment in combination with practical tools to help me look at my life, where I am getting in my own way, and developing realistic goals to get where I want to go.

    Elise Murphy, Occupational Therapist
  • My experience with coaching has shown me that empowering people to want the very best for themselves has profound effects. Erin has shown me that leading by example, directing people towards their strengths and passions, and encouraging the very best in others makes all the difference. I feel empowered, inspired, educated, and know I can achieve all that you desire.

    Mary Blando, Holistic Nutritionist, Vancouver, CA
  • Personally and professionally, coaching has done wonders for me. Coaching has challenged me take a step back and realize what’s truly important to me, what I truly desire in my heart, what makes me tick and what makes me happy. I learned some great techniques on how to stay in a positive, strong, and clear headspace. With this mindset, I feel I can take on anything!

    Melissa Jol, Coordinator and Travel Guide for Epic Travels
  • Since coaching with Erin, I’ve discovered so much about myself. I feel like a completely different person, more affluent, goal driven, and with clear values. I’m finally living my life with authenticity, pursuing goals in my career that I’d only dreamed of, and now, have the confidence and clarity to do so.

    Jena Fraser, Registered Massage Therapist
  • Coaching has had a huge impact on all aspects of my being. I came to coaching with very little idea of what it was about but a yearning to gain some direction. Erin helped me immensely to work through various obstacles, teaching me methods that I could easily apply to my everyday life. She is incredibly professional and I felt confident in both her abilities and confidentiality.

    Emily, Freelance Copywriter, London, UK
  • I cannot recommend Erin enough. After a complete shift in my personal and professional life, I lost the direction and clarity for what I wanted out of life. Coaching helped me to uncover my true values and desires while supporting me to understand who I truly want to be.

    Jarra, National Sales for a Global Luxury Brand
  • I just wanted to send you a message to say a year after our retreat in Nicaragua, absolutely epic things are happening with my career. There was a little spark of potential greatness that was lingering in the background of my mind for a few years but after your coaching and inspiration, you gave me the tools to go ahead and do what seemed impossible. Next level is happening, Erin; thanks to you.

    Pete Raab, Vancouver Real Estate Agent
  • Erin was extraordinarily helpful at helping me understand my values, and how I would like to interact in the world. This is giving me greater confidence to be more authentic, and in the process, pursue more meaningful goals.

    Remy, Yoga Teacher, Sydney
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